U.S. Patent D577,312S

  • Futur-Tek is a visionary business and its tagline - Helping to make a better world - and its product lines are the visions and inventions of its founder, Tom Kahan. 
  • Futur-Tek aims to accomplish its mission by not only marketing unique, mostly patented products that help in various ways to make a better world, but by the socially and environmentally responsible way it conducts business and gives back to the community.
  • As part of our mission, Futur-Tek will be donating 5% of profits to socially and environmentally responsible charities and non-profits. Our customers who receive our very occasional e-newsletters will be able to annually vote for them online. If all goes well, another 5% from the second year on will go into an Angel Investment Fund to help launch other socially and environmentally responsible start-ups. These companies will in turn be mandated to do the same giving back, and as Futur-Tek grows, these donation percentages will also increase.

Satisfaction Guarantee, Refund & Exchange Policy

  • Your satisfaction is very important to us so we guarantee satisfaction or all your money back, less a restocking fee of $15 for orders less than $720 and $30 for orders of $720 or more.
  • This is effective up to 14 days after delivery, which should give you ample time to look them all over. During these two weeks, we need to be emailed at returns@futur-tek.com that you’d like to be completely refunded or if it’s a matter of our quality control having missed some glaze imperfections on the face of some Hearts, that you’d like to exchange some for ones of better quality, which we'll ship at no charge. Imperfections on the back or insides where no one sees them though aren't eligible for exchange or refund.   
  • Customers pay shipping to return Hearts so please package them carefully and if possible in their original packaging. Damaged Hearts will not be refunded or exchanged unless you photographed them as  damaged when they arrived, preferably in their inner box(es), and emailed us these photos at damages@futur-tek.com.

     About Heart Vases

Our First Product is The World’s First Everywhere Heart Vase

  • Our ceramic and porcelain 3-inch Heart Vases, are the first in a line of various, other Everywhere Vases we intend to roll out in 2017.
  • Due to its unique design using and hiding two pieces of sticky-back Velcro on a recessed back which hides the Velcro, it can attach to most vertical, tilted, horizontal, smooth, bumpy and slightly curved surfaces. 
  • We've searched online and it appears there's nothing else like them anywhere! This is why we call them The World's First Everywhere Vases, and why they've earned and are protected by U.S. patent D577,312S until 9/23/2022.
  • We're approved two production samples, one Chinese red, the other white, and they're gorgeous, as you can see.
  • In fact, we're so proud and confident that you'll love them that We Guarantee Your Satisfaction or Your Money Back (less a restocking fee).

 Nothing says Love & Marriage like Hearts & Flowers...

Especially Hearts That Keep Giving Joy

For Years to Come!

...is a Socially and  Environmentally Responsible Business

Innovating To Make a Better World

and Helping Others Do the Same

About Futur-Tek