..and even wine and champagne, 

making a great host and hostess gift with Kiss the Cook!

                  Desktops                                      Laptops                                            Windows

 Nothing says Love & Marriage like Hearts & Flowers...

Especially Hearts That Keep Giving Joy

For Years to Come!

...not to mention chocolates and candies 

...on top of hand-made cards, scrapbook covers...

most anywhere you'd like to brighten up!

Undecorated, 3-inch Hearts are like blank canvases so 

Let Your Imagination Go Wild!


*  We recommend using a glue gun to firmly secure silk flowers in place and to secure thick

    pearl and lace trim to the sides of Hearts.

*   If they're glued in back, there's often not enough space for the Velcros to grab each other.

*   Speaking of trim, Etsy.com is a great place to find beautiful trim. Happy hunting!


Have fun decorating them

with decoupage, silk birds, butterflies,

tole painting, on top of lace, next to lace...


* Use thickest 8 1/2" x 11" card stock you can find

* Score softly on opposite side of folds when folding the 11" into 4 horizontal sections:

* 4" for section with guest's name, 3 5/8" for bottom, 

3 3/8" for back, and 1/4" to overlap under the bottom section for added strength


Especially cool - Macs w/apple blossoms!

Then, afterwards Hearts can be easily removed, reattached with a second

velcro and enjoyed by their lucky recipients for years to come on their fridge...

...and brightening other presents with family photos, stickers,

mini-fruit arrangements and desktop-printable clear labels as seen on this gift-wrapped cookbook with Kiss the Cook!

Hearts are not only Favors They'll Enjoy for Years to Come, 

They're also Gifts on Gifts That Keep Giving!

First, brightening birthday presents with creative arrangements​ 


* Peel off contact papers and apply one high-quality Velcro-brand fastener to back of Heart

...with cards on top of presents, with cards inside gift boxes, bows, strings of pearls...

U.S. Patent D577,312S

...as well as on walls, mirrors, tile, patio doors, file cabinets --

most anywhere horizontal, vertical or movable!


* For You and all your Wedding Guests - see bottom of this page

* For those Wedding Guests who'd also love to give Hearts to family and friends - see below

Please tell all your Guests to first check out this page with decor ideas & important tips on HeartVases.com,

an easier-to-remember name for this site that's also on the back of each Heart 

*  After cleaning surface you want to decorate with rubbing alcohol or vinegar, apply other Velcro

    to it andlet its adhesive and the Velcro on your Heart both set for 24 hours!

*  Afterward 24 hours, push the Heart in place, and without rubbing the Heart against this surface if

    it's easily scratched, twist the Heart clock-wise and counterclock-wise to secure it firmly in place.

*  If the surface is easily scratched, you may want to consider decorating something else, especially

   if you plan on frequently taking your Heart on and off like you would with fresh flowers.

*  Which brings us to a CAUTIONARY NOTE.

*  WITH WINDOWS GETTING A LOT OF SUNSHINE, it's best to use artificial flowers for two reasons.

   It's hard on the flowers and it's even harder on the adhesive exposed day in and day out to the

   sun's heat. So to avoid taking the Heart on and off to fill with water and fresh flowers and

   stressing the adhesive on the Velcro stuck to the window, we recommend artificial flowers which

   you can replace without taking the Heart on and off.​

*  Try not to splash water on the Velcro if you're filling the Heart for fresh flowers. Even

    though our Velcro has somewhat water-resistant rubber adhesive, it's still best not to wet it. If  

    you accidentally do, dry it off right away! For the reason, we recommend a tiny funnel to fill the

    Heart with water.