...or their engagement or favorite photo on it...

 Below left is a counter top spinner for gift-boxed Hearts with two options, with header showing one side and with header rotating along with Hearts so showing both sides.

Below in close-up and on right is our counter top spinner for loose Hearts.

It has 4 tiles, 2 mirrors and white Veltex which holds up and shows off the Hearts

in any number of arrangements such as staggered pairs, trios etc.   

...make perfect Wedding Party Gifts, Favors & Decor!

After all,

Nothing says Love and Marriage Quite Like Hearts and Flowers,
Especially  Hearts That Keep Giving Joy & Memories 

                                              For Years to Come!

                      ♥ On plates and easels, as seen on the left, as well as on place cards,

                         Heart  Vases allow the bride and groom to have favorite fresh flowers

                        at every place setting matching some of the centerpiece flowers -- or

                        the Heart Vases can decorate the centerpiece vases themselves!

                     ♥ Ask your couples to imagine how lovely all that would look at

                        their reception and imagine how lovely sample Heart Vase favors

                        might look in your wedding section,not to mention the resulting


                     ♥ Finally imagine your customers' excitement and satisfaction knowing

                         their favors unlike most will actually be "used" and enjoyed for years! 

Moreover on the other side, unlike most greeting cards, they'll also see that...

So whether your customers buy...

Greeting Vases in any of their variations for $15 to $27 

in addition to or instead of 

Greeting Cards for $3 to $12


 They buy Heart Vases in any of their variations as reusable Gift Decor for $9 to $22 

in addition to or instead of ribbons and bows for $2 to $6  


In addition to whatever they came into your store to buy 

or instead of walking out empty-handed

They buy America's Only Enjoy-Everywhere Heart Vases from you

asthey've never seen anything like them elsewhere...   

...You'll Be Boosting Your Greeting, Gift Wrap and Gift Sales! 

Given the impact of e-cards and the benefits reviewed below,

we believe Greeting Vases with glazed and hand-written Greetings

will become for stores

The Next Big Thing in Greetings

and Enjoy-Everywhere Vases

the Next Big Thing in Floral Gifts!


♥ They will boost your greeting card, gift, gift wrap and wedding sales

♥ They'll add new interest and excitement to those sections

♥ They'll brighten the homes and offices of your customers and the giftees they told,
reminding many for years they came from you...

  Free Long-term Advertising!

If you'd like to discuss this unique program

including our POP carousels

which for large enough orders can be customized, including made into floor carousels 
please call us at 1-510-823-2238

8 am - 5 pm  PST

* U.S. Patent D577,312S

Your customers will see on our POP spinners how lovely it is to both...

Boost Your Greeting, Gift and Gift Wrap Sales

with America's Only

Enjoy-Everywhere Heart Vases!

Graduations and Promotions 

Letting loved ones know they're loved
I Love You, Love You, Friends Forever,
Thinking of You, Thank You
and God Bless You

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day

♥ Heart Vases in white and red (with pink coming next year for Mother's Day) are 3" x 3" x 1" and fine

   porcelain, so they can hold fresh flowers, silk flowers, lollipop bouquets etc! ​

♥ White Heart Vases are available with 22 Red and Gold greetings and sentiments, with all

   colors and styles available with and without white, red and pink Silk Roses 

♥ Heart Vases are also available loose as well as in white and gold gift boxes on top of blank greeting

   cards, shown below -- with POP carousels for both loose and boxed  

​Sisters who want to show sisterly love

Bar & Bat Mitzvahs, Graduations & Promotions

  Mazel Tov


Birthdays and Anniversaries 
Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary


If You Also Offer Wedding Invitations and Place Cards

Hearts Will Boost Your Wedding Sales!

Plain loose Hearts with the couple's special creative touch...


Greeting Hearts also are available with 5 Gold sentiments perfect for...

Love, Affection and Blessings

Love You and God Bless You

​​♥ These convenient gift, box and card ensembles are delightful to give in person, easy to send, 

    and with clear lids and matching Velcros behind the Heart and attractive blank card ​

♥ Heart Vases are lovely with all 4 available styles of Angels, as well as plain, which allows customers to  

    add family photos and their own creativity 

♥ Gold-bordered Heart Labels, sold separately, also allow them to write their own personal messages!

...later enjoyed every day on guests' fridges, tile, laptops etc...

Girlfriends and Boyfriends who want to show their affection 


Valentine's Day​

I Love You, Love You

For Valentine's Day we'll have red Heart Vases 

with and without heart-shaped lace and rhinestones 

Our patented*  Heart Vases
are available with 17
Red messages and sentiments
perfect for Special Occasion and Everyday Gifts such as...

Here are our Angel Hearts in four styles

 Like all other Heart Vases

 they can be arranged in interesting and creative ways

on fridges, mirrors, windows etc.

not to mention adorably accompanying a "To My Angel" Heart Sticker!

Hospital Visits

Get Well Soon and Be Well 
Angel Vases are also perfect for these visits,
cheering them up on windows and even some beds

Baby showers and New Babies
God Bless This Baby, It's a Girl! and It's a Boy! 

also sweet for hospital visits to new moms and dads


My Heart Goes Out to You

Housewarming and Dinner Parties 
God Bless This Home and Kiss the Cook
A sweet reminder on a gift-wrapped cook book, wine or champagne
which the hostess or host can later enjoy on their fridge, kitchen tile or window!