Your Guests Will Remember Your Special Day

with Your Photo, Names, Wedding Date and/or Favorite Song or Saying on their Heart Vase

...and most anywhere else at home or work!

Ordering Photos for your Hearts

To order heart-shaped photos with 1/16" wide, shiny gold foil borders, contact us at For 50 to 200 Heart Photos, each of which is 2 3/16" wide by 1 7/8" high, custom fit for our Hearts, your cost will be $200 plus shipping. If your wedding guest list is smaller than 200, given our printer's fixed set-up cost, the price will still be $200 plus shipping but here's a cool idea for your extras--  use them as "From" labels on presents and to seal cards and envelopes. If your wedding is larger, contact us by email or phone for a quote.  It won't go up all that much because set-up is most of the cost of printing. Given our average turnaround time of 10 to 15 business days, please give yourself plenty of time before the wedding if you want to blow guests' minds with your photos on their Heart favors! 

U.S. Patent D577,312S

                                           Tile and Refrigerators...                                                            

                                            ... then on their Laptops and Desktops!                              

                                  How cool - a Mac with silk apple blossoms!                                         

 Nothing says Love & Marriage like Hearts & Flowers...

Especially Hearts That Keep Giving Joy

For Years to Come!

Ordering Labels to Write on with Sharpies

To order heart-shaped labels with adhesive backing, the same 1/16" wide, shiny gold foil borders as shown above on the photos, and writable with Sharpies, email us at or call 510-823-2238 between 8 am and 5 pm PST. These labels are also custom-sized for our Hearts, 2 3/16" wide by 1 7/8" high and sold in increments of 6. Each batch of 6 is $3 plus shipping & handling between $3 and $9, depending on your quantity and if you want them mailed USPS first-class or Priority.