With your Creativity and Personal Touch

Heart Vases Make Perfect Wedding Gifts & Favors for any  Wedding!

Give Your Personal Touch to Heart Vase Wedding Favors

They'll Actually Enjoy for Years!

...that can showcase your hand-calligraphed and ribbon-imprinted names...

  ...then later at Home on Mirrors!                  Computers!                                    Refrigerators!


...windows, walls, laptops, tile, file cabinets, patio doors...almost anywhere!

All with peel-and-stick Velcro, easy to put on, easy to take off! 

Red Hearts with Gold & Orchids Make Perfect Asian Wedding Favors!

                     Hearts are also lovely adorned with pearls, beads, ribbons & lace!                   

 Nothing says Love & Marriage like Hearts & Flowers...

Especially Hearts That Keep Giving Joy

For Years to Come!

First at Your Wedding on plates or place cards...

Have Fun creatively customizing undecorated,3-inch, porcelain Heart Vases 

                     ...or showcase just the beauty of fresh flowers as they can hold water too!                   

U.S. Patent D577,312S